DLL Renovation 2018

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The McGraw Center’s Educational and Classroom Technologies (ECT) group is currently soliciting faculty and student feedback regarding a substantial renovation planned for 2018 for the Digital Learning Lab (DLL).

Our proposal for renovation (see stills from our 3D model below) is informed by research into flexible, inclusive learning spaces that model principals of universal design, facilitate diverse teaching and learning styles, encourage communication and collaboration, and enhance students’ learning experiences. Emphasizing making as essential to learning, the new design also responds to the recommendations the Task force on General Education and the Classroom Design Committee at Princeton.

The McGraw DLL redesign completes the transformation of the New Media Center (an OIT computer cluster) into a classroom, with a host of changes aimed to create a flexible space for creative learning, optimized for teaching with technology:

  • A dedicated collaboration space with wireless screen sharing
  • Wall length and movable whiteboards
  • 30 foot wide (4k) display for complex visual material
  • Wireless side-by-side HD projection for sharing screens
  • Multipoint audio for spacial sound analysis
  • Collaborative work stations
  • Instructor table with DLL staff support

This plan to revise a unique laboratory designed for teaching with technology contributes to the broader conversation at Princeton about “new pedagogical practices transforming higher education.”

Since the McGraw DLL, with its teaching-focused technical staff, student community, history of multimedia instruction, optimum square footage and central location on campus, is already serving as “a physical hub” that supports creative teaching and learning, this renovation represents a much-needed push forward in a long trajectory.  Situated within the Office of the Dean of the College, the McGraw Center’s teaching laboratory is the perfect space for interdisciplinary collaboration.

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