To use the lab, a course:

· Must be actively supported by the McGraw Center in the purposeful use of digital pedagogies. While recipients of the 250th Anniversary Fund for Innovation in Undergraduate Education working with the McGraw Center are encouraged to apply, any Princeton course may request DLL support. Use of the Lab and DLL staff support are offered at no charge, and are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

· Is expected to actively engage with the technologies and specialized software in the Lab. Access will be granted for agreed dates in each semester and is offered with the expectation that a course will use its registrar-assigned classroom for meetings when Lab features are not needed. This policy helps to offer more faculty members the opportunity to teach in the DLL.

· Will participate in McGraw outreach when appropriate. Recipients of the Lab’s unique services, students and faculty members alike, may be invited to share their experience in some way – as a featured project, to participate in a McGraw workshop or panel, or as a future reference for others interested in course innovation.

DLL amenities include the loan of assignment-specific equipment to support course activities. (Any department requesting specialized equipment may be asked to share in the cost of new technologies—the DLL will both support and sustain them.) Equipment is provided only to participants in a DLL-sponsored course to ensure that tools are used to best effect and longevity.

The Lab is teaching-centric and is not available for outside or administrative events unrelated to the Center’s mission.