Each year, McGraw DLL provides employment opportunities to undergraduate students.  “DLL Specialists” are a community of multimedia enthusiasts available to help University students, faculty and staff utilize the tools and resources in the DLL.

This academic support role typically involves peer-to-peer consultations, scheduled or impromptu, and writing how-to guides.  “How do I do that” is a list of frequently asked questions – and answers – intended to help students and faculty utilize DLL resources, including hardware and software, for their scholarly work. Students also teach workshops, independently or with a group.

As part of the hiring process, students are asked to pick a specialty to focus on at the DLL (such as audio or video editing, print design, or data visualization). As so much of creative work is hands-on, DLL Specialists are encouraged to develop and deepen their knowledge and skill by working on professional development projects within their speciality. DLL Specialists work around 6 hours per week (depending on availability).

If you have questions about working at the DLL, stop by to talk to a DLL Specialist or use our contact form to request more information.  Visit the Student Employment site to learn about working on campus.

DLL Specialist Listing

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DLL staff photographs by Sarah Sanneh ’19.