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During the semester, McGraw DLL provides employment opportunities to students.  Student staff, or DLL Specialists, work between 2 and 10 hours per week depending on their availability.

The students who work at the DLL are multimedia enthusiasts, but their background and expertise vary widely.  As part of the hiring process, students are asked to pick a specialty to focus on at the DLL (such as audio or video editing, print design, or data visualization). As so much of creative work is hands-on, DLL Specialists are encouraged to develop and deepen their knowledge and skill by working on professional development projects within their speciality.

DLL Specialists’ primary job is to help fellow students utilize the tools and resources in the DLL.  This academic support role typically involves peer-to-peer consultations, scheduled or impromptu, and writing how-to guides.  “How do I do that” is a list of frequently asked questions – and answers – intended to help students and faculty utilize DLL resources, including hardware and software, for their scholarly work.

Students can also choose to teach workshops, independently or with a group.

To apply for a position, please complete our application form.  

If you have questions about working at the DLL, stop by to talk to a DLL Specialist or use our contact form to request more information.  Visit the Student Employment site to learn about working on campus.

Fall 2017 Student Staff Highlight

Tom Robbins ’18

Hi, I’m Tom, a senior in the Computer Science Department.  I’ve been experimenting with multimedia for the past decade or so, so if you have a question about any of our software I can probably help you out with it!  I also have experience working with cameras, microphones, and scanners, so I can help with tools in the physical world as well.  I’m currently working on improving my understanding of audio processing, music production, and data visualization.

Melanie Ho ’18

Hi! I’m Melanie, a senior in East Asian Studies with a focus on Gender and Sexuality. I believe that storytelling is a powerful way of understanding yourself and connecting to others. Through film and creative writing, I explore narratives that are often on the margins. I’ve produced documentaries about artists in Trenton, drag queens in Hanoi, and race relations through artistic representations of Bronzeville, Little Tokyo. I’m a big fan of Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need help with editing! Everything is a learning process, and I’m excited to learn with you! Check out some of my work here.

Gabrielle Chen ’18

Hi! I’m Gabrielle and I’m a senior in Visual Arts. I specialize in digital art and animation, with an emphasis on animated filmmaking. My strengths are drawing/painting, image manipulation, and graphic design in Photoshop; and animation in Adobe Animate (formerly Flash). I have editing experience in After Effects, Premiere, Final Cut Pro, and Audacity. I’m also happy to answer questions about animation production, including storyboarding, 2D & CG animation, visual development, and software/hardware.

Jason Wee ’20

Hi, I’m Jason Wee, a sophomore and a prospective Woodrow Wilson School major. I’ve had experience with desktop publishing, previously being the Creative Director of my school magazine and I’m currently the Editor-in-Chief for American Foreign Policy on campus. I have also worked with data visualization extensively in my internship with Teach for Malaysia. Video editing, audio production and social media campaigns are also up my alley, so I’m ready to assist you if needed.

Student Staff Listing

To view a complete listing of DLL Specialists, with specialities and available hours listed, visit our Consulting Hours page.