What Can You Do At The DLL?

The Digital Learning Lab is a great place to build new skills and realize your creative vision. As a resource, the DLL has its strengths in supporting design, video, and audio project-based learning, but we are always evolving to meet the curriculum. In addition to tools, we offer a support structure for students who want to learn more.  Schedule a one-on-one training session with a multimedia enthusiast, come to one of our multimedia-centric workshops during the semester, watch how-to videos on Lynda.com, and find answers in our new KB “How do I do that?”  Have a question?  Feel free to Ask Us.  Or stop by and talk to us during open hours!


Making a poster, booklet, or book?  Designing vector graphics for print or web?  Creating an infographic?  Designing a 3D object for a laser cutter, CNC machine, or 3D printer?  Need to make or open a DNG file?  Looking to copy protect a pdf, or make a scanned document searchable via OCR?  Want to edit and build creative projects around smartphone snapshots or images from a DSLR?

At the McGraw DLL, we view multimedia design projects as an essential part of 21st century academic training and expression.  Whether you are editing images, creating graphics or designing a website in Photoshop; editing RAW photos in Lightroom; building line drawings and sketches in Illustrator; designing layouts and typefaces InDesign; or combining documents in Acrobat – we have industry-standard tools for your creative project.  We also have Sketch for prototyping websites and applications, Rhino for technical 3D drawings, and Blender for 3D animation.  For more data driven design, we offer Processing, R and R Studio and STATA.  We also have optical character recognition software such as Acrobat and Abbyy FineReader.  If you like drawing with a stylus pen, we have Wacom tablets available.  We also have a range of scanners, such as an 11×17 flatbed that can handle documents and transparencies up to 2400 ppi, a duplex feeder scanner for class notes, and a 35mm slide scanner.


Do you want to make a podcast, narrate a slideshow, find royalty-free music or sound effects, or record your own music?  Need to transfer an LP, cassette tape, or burn a CD?

At the McGraw DLL we love working with audio.  We have several audio kits that we can loan for field recording.  We have an audio room for recording with two great sounding condenser microphones. Each has a quality condenser mic connected to a Mac Pro.  Digital audio editing software includes Audacity, Apple Logic / Garageband, Reaper, Adobe Audition, FL Studio, conversion tools such as xACT and iSkysoft Video Converter, and the excellent screen casting tool Screenflow.  Our Mac Pro machines are designed for large audio projects and the 27” screens display all of your tracks, plugins, and palettes beautifully.  If you have analog media to convert to digital audio, we can help you transfer an LP record, tape cassette, minidisc and even DAT.


Interested in learning how to make a video, vlog, or narrated slideshow?  Are you creating a video project and need a place to work?  Need a looping DVD for an exhibition?

Video is one of our specialties at the McGraw DLL.  We have 24 Apple Mac Pro machines (most with 32 GB RAM) optimized for multimedia work, and large (27”) displays to really see your project.  Every computer connects to the DLL Drive, a huge scratch drive fast enough to edit off of.  All of our Macs have Adobe Premiere Pro CC and After Effects CC,  Apple Final Cut Pro and Motion, and DaVinci Resolve.  For making demos and slideshow videos, we have the excellent screen casting app Screenflow. We have decks for transferring many analog video formats to digital, and software for ripping DVDs, taking screenshots, or adding subtitles.  We also have a number of audio editing applications and resources.

How do I do that? Find out.

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DLL Workshops

Each semester, the DLL offers workshops led by graduate and undergraduate students. These focus on tools, such as Photoshop or Premiere Pro, and products such as personal websites, videos and podcasts, photography, infographics, and poster design. Learn more about DLL workshops.

Visit Lynda.com

Learning something new? Lynda.com is an online learning platform available to the Princeton University community. Its deep, wide-ranging video library contains tutorials in five languages that teach business, software, technology and creative skills. Find Lynda.com playlists.

Meet a Specialist

Need help with your project? Meet a Specialistwith one of our knowledgeable, experienced multimedia enthusiasts. Or visit our “How do I do that” page for tips and resources. If you don’t see an answer to your question, ask us! Or, you can stop by during open hours.

Get Involved

McGraw DLL offers employment opportunities to about 15-20 students each semester.  Student staff, or DLL Specialists, typically work about 6 hours per week depending on availability.

DLL Specialists are multimedia enthusiasts who help fellow students and faculty utilize the tools and resources in the DLL.  This academic support role typically involves one-on-one consultations, scheduled or impromptu, and writing instructional materials.  “How do I do that” is a list of frequently asked questions – and answers – intended to help others utilize DLL resources, including hardware and software, for their scholarly work. Students can also choose to teach workshops, independently or with a group.

To learn more about working at the DLL, visit our DLL Specialist page.