To add an Intro Title or Lower third

  1. Select the Type tool, click in the Program monitor, and type your text right on your footage. Likewise, use the Pen tool to draw a shape in the Program monitor.
  2. When you use the Type or Pen tools in the Program monitor, it automatically creates a new graphic clip in the Timeline. Once you’re finished typing your text, the graphic clip assumes the name of the title you’ve created.
  3. The default length of the graphic clip is based on Still Image Default Duration, which can be changed under Preferences > Timeline.
Screenshot Adobe Premiere 2017 Type Tool

Choose the Type Tool and begin typing in your Program Monitor. Image via Premiere Bro Blog.

Essential Graphics

With your sequence already open in the Timeline panel, click Graphics in the workspace bar at the top of the screen or choose Window > Workspaces > Graphics from the main menu.

The Essential Graphics panel contains a selection of template graphics (titles, lower thirds, captions, etc.) that you can drag into your timeline and edit as needed.  It also features editing tools to change typeface and size, and also add layers such as a colored box behind your text.

Master graphic clips

Graphic clips only live as instances in the Timeline; they are not automatically added to your Project panel. Clicking and dragging a graphic clip from the Timeline to your Project panel converts them to a Master Graphic clip with all the text and shape adjustments added as master clip effects.  Alternatively, you can select a graphic clip in the Timeline and under the new Graphic menu select Upgrade to Master Graphic.


Create title graphics via AdobeX

Create Titles with the New Type Tool and Essential Graphics Panel via PremiereBro