This infographic maker is available for free. There are many fonts and design elements that you could use. Most content is only available if you pay for a pro account.


Format: free online tool

Key facts:

  1. You need to create a account. Once you have an account, you can access any past designs that you’ve created.
  2. Elements are generally not customizable: you can change the size, orientation, or position, but not the color of the objects.
  3. Comes with extensive templates. If you are happy to use an existing template and not customize it too much, this could be a quick option.
  4. Free account gives you very limited access to design elements and only allows you to export the infographic as a low quality jpg.
  5. Quick to learn and easy to use.


Detailed tutorial and highlights:

This is the main page that you will see once you log in. As you can see, there are templates for all sorts of occasions. Or, you can start a fresh infographic. In the following example, I will pick one of the templates and demonstrate how it can be customized.

Once we’ve chosen a template, it is straight-forward to change the numbers or move any of the images. However, as seen here, image searches typically only yield a small selection unless you pay for the pro account. For instance, there are only five items under “food.”

Finally, with the free account, you can only download your infographic as a “low quality” jpg. In order to download it as a high quality jpg or a pdf, you must have the pro account.