Google charts provides a way to generate and insert all sorts of charts into a webpage. Since it is programming-based, it is extremely customizable. You can even serve dynamic data and make an interactive dashboard using multiple charts.


Format: free online code library

Key facts:

  1. There is an extensive online guide, but you may need some JavaScript knowledge to be comfortable using the tool. This also means that it is not as easy to learn, so it might not be the best option if you’re a non-technical person looking to make a quick graph!
  2. Since it is code-based, it is much more powerful than an online tool. You can import data from databases or Google Sheets, animate the chart, and make dashboards by combining charts and controls.

Here is the landing page:

Beyond this, each option shown above has extensive tutorials of their own due to the coding nature of the tool. The tutorials are detailed and should suffice for those who are adept at programming!