There are several ways to change the color of an image using Adobe Photoshop, and we are going to quickly go over three different methods in this post.

While not the most professional way to adjust colors, the Color Replacement tool, which is found in the Brush Tool drop down menu, can be great for very simple color changing as you can alter the base color of an object without affecting the shading in any way. Unlike other methods we’ll be covering, the user needs to work with this more manually, in the same way they would with the brush or pencil tool, and carefully do over the colors they want to change.

Another method to changing color is using the Hue/Saturation option that can be found in the Adjustments panel. With this, the user can completely change the color of an image using the “Hue” bar while also being able to adjust the saturation and brightness.

Finally, for more subtle color changes, there’s the Color Balance adjustment option, which allows the user to change the tone of the Shadows, Midtones, and Highlights. In order to apply a Hue/Saturation or Color Balance adjustment to a SPECIFIC layer, Alt + Left click on the line in between the image layer and the adjustment layer.