The purpose of this article is to help you change an image into a vector. By doing so, you can scale up the image without blur and edit its features and colors.

  1. Load the image as a file on Adobe Illustrator.
  2. Select the image with your cursor.
  3. Go to Object > Image Trace > Make.
  4. Your image may disappear. Don’t freak out! On the upper bar, you should adjust your trace settings by using the Preset dropdown menu. Select a setting until your image looks appropriate. “High Fidelity Photo” usually works.
  5. Go to Object > Image Trace > Expand.
  6. Go to Object > Live Paint > Make.
  7. Go to Object > Live Paint > Expand. Your image has now been changed into a vector!
  8. Double click on the object until you cannot select any more levels further. To crop out white spaces, click on the area. Once selected, you can freely delete this white space. This can also work for any feature of the object you do not want.
  9. To change the color of your object, simply select it and change the color as you would for a normal vector.