This infographic maker is available for free. The tool specializes in graphs, maps, and more quantitative infographic templates.


Format: free online tool

Key facts:

  1. You need to create an account. Once you have an account, you can access any past designs that you’ve created.
  2. The website has significant lags for any sort of navigation, especially if you make big changes. This is not the ideal tool if you are not a person of patience.
  3. There is a high degree of flexibility and customization. Graphs and templates are more simplistic and professional looking than other websites.
  4. Cannot download your work unless you pay for an upgraded account.
  5. Quick to learn.

Detailed tutorial and highlights:

Here, I’ve started out with a map template. With the free account, you can only access the world map or the US map.

To load a map, simply drag it into the workspace. Once you drag the map in, you can edit the data.

The data-editing panel is quite extensive. You can directly import spreadsheets as well.

In the “settings” panel, there are a bunch of ways in which you can customize the map. Here, I made the map “markers” type instead of “shapes” type. I changed the heatmap color to purple instead of green. As you can see, when you hover over a state, the value shows up.

Here, I’ve changed the coloring to “individual” instead of “heatmap.” You can change the size of the font in the legend as well. When you hover over a name in the legend, that state remains colored while the other ones fade into the background.

Next, let’s check out a chart. Here, I’ve dragged a radial chart into the workspace. This graph came with sample data for GDP, and you can switch between the tabs for two years. Again, you are able to customize the data and colors.

Apart from playing around with single elements, there are also templates for various occasions. Overall, the styles are more minimalist and professional in appearance compared to something you might make with Canva, for example. Important to note is that in the end, you are able to download the file as a jpg, png, or pdf ONLY if you pay for an upgraded account. You can get around this by screenshotting the relevant portion(s), but keep in mind any animations would disappear.