To record a voiceover narration over “PPT” you will need a script, a good microphone in a quiet space, your slides, and a platform to bring it all together into a video. This post introduces three options: PowerPoint, Keynote, and Screenflow.


SETUP in DLL Audio Room

  1. Check to make sure that the Focusrite Scarlet 2i2 microphone preamp is plugged into the Mac via USB port
  2. In System Preferences > Audio, Select “Scarlet 2i2” for audio in and out of the Mac
  3. Position the microphone so that it is near your face
  4. Use headphones to check your audio levels so that you can hear yourself well and audio isn’t clipping


TOOLS: Microsoft PowerPoint

Pros and Cons of using PowerPoint

  • Pro: Record slide show captures timing and audio by slide
  • Pro: Retain ability to re-record the affected slide or slides
  • Pro: Works great in Windows
  • Con: Export as movie with audio option for Windows PPT only (audio does not export on Mac)
  • Con: May have to edit video in external video editor (Premiere, iMovie, Screenflow)

PowerPoint Workflow

  1. Confirm that your audio signal is coming into the Mac
  2. Open the presentation and click the Slide Show tab in the Ribbon.
  3. Select the slide where you want the recording to begin, and then click Record Slide Show.
  4. Advance through your slides and narrate as desired.
    1. Note: PowerPoint does not record audio or video during transitions between slides, so don’t speak while advancing the slide.
  5. Click End Show to stop recording.


For more information, visit this Lynda playlist on (requires login with NetID) and review the short videos: “Recording and narrating a slideshow” and “Adding and working with audio files.

Note: For step by step instructions and more information for your version of PPT, visit Microsoft support online.


TOOLS: Apple Keynote

Pros and Cons of using Keynote

  • Pro: Capture presentation and audio at once
  • Pro: Easy export as video with sound
  • Pro: Works great on a Mac
  • Con: No Windows version or native compatibility
  • Con: May have to edit in external video editor (Premiere, iMovie, Screenflow)

Keynote Workflow

  1. Select the slide where you want the recording to start.
  2. Click the slide icon in the toolbar, then click the Audio tab at the top of the sidebar on the right.
  3. Click Record in the sidebar.
The recording window appears.
  4. To start recording your presentation, click the red button at the bottom of the window.
The timer counts down from 3 before recording begins.
  5. Speak clearly into the microphone to begin your narration.
  6. To advance to the next slide, click the slide in the recording window, or press the Right Arrow key on your keyboard.
You can pause the recording at any time by clicking the Pause button. Click the red button to resume recording.
  7. To stop recording, click .
  8. Press Esc (Escape) to save the recording and exit the presentation.

To listen to your narration, simply play your slides.

Export as movie File > Export To select Quicktime.  Be sure to save your Keynote file before closing.


For step by step instructions, visit Apple Support


TOOLS: Screenflow

Pros and Cons of using Screenflow

  • Pro: Capture anything on screen into one video
  • Pro: Can edit video and sound, including adding new sounds, text, annotations, cropping
  • Pro: Easy export as video
  • Con: Must already have your visual material (i.e. PPT or Keynote document)
  • Con: Screenflow software available by purchase or in DLL and J Street Library

Screenflow Workflow KB article