With ScreenFlow, you can record the contents of your entire monitor while also capturing your video camera, microphone, and your computer audio.

Note: it’s extremely helpful to create at least one sample recording to familiarize yourself with the program before creating your intended screencast.


  1. In System Preferences, Select “Scarlet 2i2” for audio in and out
  2. Check your audio levels so that you can hear yourself well and audio isn’t clipping
  3. Prepare your visual material and script (Note: you can add text and shapes in Screenflow)

Record your video

  1. Launch Screenflow
  2. Configure Recording window
    1. If in DLL Audio room, Record audio from “Scarlet 2i2.”
    2. Record computer audio if you have video in your presentation.
  3. Press Red button to start
  4. Record your screen
    1. Note: if you make a mistake with your narration… stop talking for a moment then repeat that section and keep going. You can cut content later.
  5. To stop recording, press Shift-Command-2 or select Stop Record from the Screenflow helper menu in the upper right corner of your display
  6. When you end the recording, the video opens in the Screenflow editor

Edit your video

Before you begin editing, SAVE your Screenflow project.

Screenflow’s editing tools interact beween the Timeline window and Properties menu


  • The timeline, at the bottom of the screen, is a visual representation of the temporal length of your screencast. The scale at the top of the timeline represents  measurements of time. The red vertical line on the timeline, the scrubber, represents the current temporal position of the preview on the canvas.
  • The timeline is divided into tracks to manage different clips overlapping at the same time. If the clip is visual (i.e. video, image, or text), the upper most track is displayed over the lower tracks.

Timeline Tips:

  • Split clip at playhead by clicking scrubber or using “T”
  • The timeline defaults to a few tracks but you can freely add more

Properties (editing tools)

Located on the upper-right side of the editing window. These are ScreenFlow’s main editing controls, organized by tabs that

enable numerous changes to image and audio display. It also includes the media library which stores all recorded and

imported media in an unaltered state. Editing tools come into play when you have something selected in your timeline.

Screenflow’s Editing Tools are Organized into Tabs

  • Video – change size, opacity
  • Audio – change volume, apply filter, mix, input to mono, etc.
    • Note: Click the “Add Audio Action” button in Audio Properties to add a new audio track at the playhead (see “Actions” on next page)
  • Screen Recording – show mouse pointer and keyboard clicks
  • Callout – to demonstrate/highlight mouse clicks (make sure video is selected)
  • Annotations – add lines, shapes, etc.
  • Text – add titles, lower thirds, or credits to your video
  • Media in your document – stores all of the media you’ve imported into Screenflow

Properties Tips:

  • After making modifications in each tab be sure to click the “add_____” button
  • Add content by dragging from the Media window into your timeline


Actions are property changes used to transition the media from one state to another. Actions are placed by highlighting the clip in question, opening the property that you wish to alter, then clicking the Add Action button at the bottom of the properties pane. The action is placed in relation to the position of the scrubber, but can be moved on the clip. The duration of the action is changed by dragging the edge of the action to lengthen or shorten the action.


Select File > Export to publish your presentation. Use the “Web–High” preset for a video that will play anywhere, and choose the dimensions you want the video to be. Note that the standard dimension for wide screens is 1920×1080 pixels.

For more information about using Screenflow, check the manual via: Help > Screenflow Help

For specific requests, try a Google search or even a targeted search of of their user forums like this: “your query site:telestreamforum.forumbee.com”