Connect to your H: drive

Mac OS X is equipped with built-in Samba technology that allows it to map your personal account (H: drive) on the Central File Server and view it as a folder. This is much like mapping your H: drive on a Windows computer (the way it appears on a cluster computer). To connect to the Central

Connect to the LG Monitors va Barco Clickshare

1. Plug the USB dongle into your computer. Wait for device to show. 2. Open the appropriate ClickShare app (MacOSX or Windows). 3. Wait for “Ready to Share” notification. Click the button on the USB dongle (Button turns red when sharing). 4. Make sure the TV input is set to HDMI 1. This can be

Connect to the LG Monitors via AppleTV

To wirelessly share your screen on one of the LG monitors in the DLL via Airplay, you need an Apple Computer. Make sure the TV input is on and set to HDMI 2. This can be checked by hitting the INPUT button on the TV remote. From the AirPlay status menu in your computer's Menu bar, choose

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