[DLL Laminator] Using the laminator

To use the Saturn 2 125 Laminator, flip the power switch on the back of machine and select the appropriate pouch thickness (3Mil, 4Mil, 5Mil). Use "snowflake" setting for cold-seal pouches. Wait 5-6 minutes for machine to warm up if you don't select the cold setting. Once the machine is ready, the timer light will

[DLL Scanner] Scanning 35mm slides

In order to scan 35mm slides in the DLL, you'll need to use the Flextight X5 located in the back right corner of the room. Open the Flextight X5 door to horizontal position. Take 35mm Flextight Slide Mount Holder and insert the slide into it. Slide the tray into the scanner until it grabs the

[DLL Batch Scanner] Batch scanning 35mm slides

In order to batch scan 35mm slides, the user will have to user the Epson10000XL scanner, located next to the second front desk from the lab entrance. Start by removing the document mat, store it in the topic pocket, and place the transparency guide. Place the slides in the slide holders, and place it in

[DLL Printer] Printing on 11 x 17 paper

When it comes to printing paper on a fairly conventional sized sheet, most programs have default setting that will fit the bill just fine, however, if the user wants to print on 11 X 17 paper, they'll have to change some settings. By default, most images will open using Preview, however, most programs will have

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