[Adobe Acrobat] Password protect a PDF

In order to password protect a PDF, select Tools from the top menu, scroll down to Protect & Standardize and choose Protect. A Protect bar will appear near the top menu, select Restrict Editing, and then set your password and click OK.

[Adobe Acrobat] Adding a watermark

Adding a watermark in Adobe Acrobat is a fairly simple process. First, select "Tools" from the top menu and then select "Edit PDF." The user will be taken back to their document, this time with an Edit PDF bar at the top. Select Watermark > Add. A window will come up, allowing the user to

[Photoshop] Change the color of an image

There are several ways to change the color of an image using Adobe Photoshop, and we are going to quickly go over three different methods in this post. While not the most professional way to adjust colors, the Color Replacement tool, which is found in the Brush Tool drop down menu, can be great for

[Adobe Photoshop] Crop an image

There are two pretty popular ways to crop an image using Photoshop. The first method involves the use of the Rectangular Marquee tool. Use the marquee to select the portion you want to REMAIN in the image.  Changing the style to "Fixed Ratio" will even out the height and width of the image after the

[Adobe Photoshop] Resize image

Resizing an image in Photoshop is a pretty simple job. Go to the "Image" tab and select the "Image Size" menu. In the image size menu, you can adjust the measurements of the image through pixels, inches, or other selected units. The icon resembling a chain links the width and height in order to keep

[Adobe Photoshop] Remove white background

There are many ways to remove a white background using Photoshop. Assuming the outlines of the image are fairly clear cut, one of the easiest ways is to use the "Magic Wand Tool." Before using the tool though, the user will need to adjust the layers. If a white background is going to be removed,

[Adobe Premiere / Photoshop] Make custom graphics for lower thirds

Depending on the extent of the customization, Adobe Premiere may not be the ideal program for creating custom titles. If the customization only goes as far as changing font, or text color, or adding outlines, Premiere’s “Title” window can handle the job just fine. For creating custom graphics however, it would be better to use

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