[Adobe Premiere 2017+] Add Text

To add an Intro Title or Lower third Select the Type tool, click in the Program monitor, and type your text right on your footage. Likewise, use the Pen tool to draw a shape in the Program monitor. When you use the Type or Pen tools in the Program monitor, it automatically creates a new graphic clip in the

[Adobe Premiere] Removing unwanted footage from clips

While clips in Premiere can be lengthened and shortened by dragging each side, a more precise way to single out unnecessary footage is to to the Razor Tool. At the left side of the the timeline is a menu consisting of different timeline tools. The Razor Tool allows the user to cut a single clip

[Adobe Premiere] Separate video and audio clips

When a video clip is put into a timeline, both the video and the audio are linked together. What this means is that any adjustment made to one part of the clip, will also affect the other. In order to change this, right click either the audio or video and select "Unlink." Now the video and

[Adobe Premiere] Add voice over

In order to create a voice-over using Adobe Premiere, begin by setting up the audio devices.  To access the Audio Hardware menu, click Edit > Preferences > Audio Hardware and check if the input and output devices are correct. Now, click on Timeline Settings > Customize Audio Header. Once there, drag the Voice-over Record button

[Adobe Premiere] Add transitions

Transitions are done simply by accessing the “Effects” tab in the bottom left window. Once the desired transition is found, drag the transition between two clips in the timeline. You can also find audio fade tools here. For a tutorial on transitions, titles, and other video assets, click the link below to the Lynda playlist:

[Adobe Premiere] Simple color correction

Simple color correction can be done using the “Fast Color Corrector” tool. To access it, click on the Effects menu and go to Video Effects > Color Correction and then drag Fast Color Collector on to the desired clip. Once the Fast Color Corrector is applied, check the Effect Controls on the clips. From there,

[Adobe Premiere] Export for YouTube, Vimeo, or DVD

Once a project is complete, it can be exporting by going to File > Export > Media. In the export settings, the user can adjust the format and video file. There are also a list of presets that will allow for optimal exportation for pages like youtube and dailymotion and vimeo. For a tutorial on

[Adobe Premiere] Change the volume in different areas of my audio

Changing the volume of audio tracks in Adobe Premiere can be done in multiple ways. Command clicking the audio clip on the timeline directly will add keyframes to the volume. It can also be done manually however using the Effect Controls option on the top left window. For a tutorial on audio editing, click the

[Adobe Premiere] Normalize my audio

Normalizing audio is done using Premieres “Audio Gain” window. Once the desired audio clips are selected, choose Clip > Audio Options > Audio Gain. From there, you can adjust audio gain along with max peaks. For a tutorial on how editing audio in Premiere, click the Lynda playlist down below. Lynda Playlist: DLL Adobe Premiere

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