Project Description

In PBS NewsHour correspondent and producer Kathleen McCleery’s fall 2018 course, JRN 447: Politics and the Media: Covering the 2018 Elections, students are learning how to create broadcast journalism on location.

Midterm elections matter, and in 2018, they matter a lot. In this course, students will learn about broadcast journalism, assess media coverage of hotly contested Congressional races, and produce their own television news stories. Over fall break, students will do on-the-ground reporting, traveling to a state with a toss-up race. Options include Nevada, Arizona, and Florida, where issues such as immigration, gun control, health care, taxes, and the Russia investigation are key. The seminar will explore which issues dominate in the media and how those issues are highlighted in news reports.

In preparation for their reporting on Arizona’s contentious midterm elections, students are  working in the Digital Learning Lab.  With three sessions on video production and editing in Adobe Premiere, they are gaining the skills they need to work in the field.  Stay tuned for updates and developments from Arizona.

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Image credit: Entering Arizona on I-10 Westbound by Wing-Chi Pon via Creative Commons