Project Description

As part of Princeton Teaching Week, Dan Claro offered a workshop in the Digital Learning Lab called “The Pedagogy of Podcasting.” Chaired by Sorat Tungkasiri, Associate Director for Educational and Classroom Technology at McGraw, this 80-minute session discussed smartphone use among “Generation Z,” Princeton’s “service to humanity,” academic essay-writing conventions, and sound design before offering an Audacity demo that brought Steve Jobs’ voice into the room.

Dr. Carolyn Ureña, lecturer in the Princeton Writing Program, spoke about her experience working with the Digital Learning Lab to teach students how to make podcasts for her writing seminar (WRI 163). The course, titled “Contagion,” explores the cultural and biological meanings of infectious disease. For its final project, students expand upon their research to explore a fictional contagion in a podcast format. Visit the Congagion website on McGraw Commons, a digital platform for course websites managed by McGraw’s Educational and Classroom Technologies group.