Princeton Teaching Week: Pedagogy of Podcasting


As part of Princeton Teaching Week, Dan Claro offered a workshop in the Digital Learning Lab called "The Pedagogy of Podcasting." Chaired by Sorat Tungkasiri, Associate Director for Educational and Classroom Technology at McGraw, this 80-minute session discussed smartphone use among "Generation Z," Princeton's "service to humanity," academic essay-writing conventions, and sound design before offering



In fall 2017 and spring 2018, Princeton Writing Center faculty Carolyn Ureña brought her students into the Digital Learning Lab to learn how to create podcasts. Dr. Ureña's class, "Contagion" (WRI 163/164), is an interdisciplinary Writing Seminar that explores the cultural and biological meanings of infectious disease.  In addition to training first-year students how to

Midterms Matter


In PBS NewsHour correspondent and producer Kathleen McCleery's fall 2018 course, JRN 447: Politics and the Media: Covering the 2018 Elections, students are learning how to create broadcast journalism on location. Midterm elections matter, and in 2018, they matter a lot. In this course, students will learn about broadcast journalism, assess media coverage of hotly

Students Join Purcell Carson’s Trenton-Salcajá Project


This fall, the Woodrow Wilson School's Purcell Carson offers a new documentary film course.  URB202/JRN202/LAO232  focuses on the relationship between Trenton, NJ and Salcajá, Guatemala.  Using the tools and theory of documentary filmmaking to explore issues in urban studies, the course builds upon Carson and Professor Alison Isenberg's multi-year project about Trenton's residents and history. 

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