Midterms Matter


In PBS NewsHour correspondent and producer Kathleen McCleery's fall 2018 course, JRN 447: Politics and the Media: Covering the 2018 Elections, students are learning how to create broadcast journalism on location. Midterm elections matter, and in 2018, they matter a lot. In this course, students will learn about broadcast journalism, assess media coverage of hotly

Students Join Purcell Carson’s Trenton-Salcajá Project


This fall, the Woodrow Wilson School's Purcell Carson offers a new documentary film course.  URB202/JRN202/LAO232  focuses on the relationship between Trenton, NJ and Salcajá, Guatemala.  Using the tools and theory of documentary filmmaking to explore issues in urban studies, the course builds upon Carson and Professor Alison Isenberg's multi-year project about Trenton's residents and history. 

The Trenton Project


The Trenton Project is a collaborative documentary investigation by the Princeton University course, URB 202: "Documentary Film and the City," taught by Alison Isenberg and Purcell Carson since 2013. The class works in partnership with Trenton residents, institutions and community partners to produce short films which together offer a kaleidoscopic lens on the challenges Trenton faces,

Specks of Dust


SPECKS OF DUST presents the story of Guria, an organization dedicated to fighting human trafficking in Varanasi, India. Our film follows this group of activists: inspiring, fiery, hopeful. For over twenty years, they have refused to rest until every child is free to live a vibrant and creative life. The film was created by Azza



Paris, Ni Hao, a 40-minute film by Sharon Deng 17', shares these stories for the first time, probing the lives of eight first and second-generation immigrants who must reinvent their identities and lifestyles to survive. Through the specificity of their experiences, the film takes an intimate look at immigration and elucidates the mixed emotions surrounding

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