Digital Learning Lab

A multimedia laboratory at Princeton University

DLL Thanksgiving Hours

Open 11/22-11/23 from 9:00am to 5:00pm
Closed Wed 11/24 – Sat 11/27
Open again Sunday 11/28 from 1:00pm to 12:00am

What Can You Do at the DLL?

All Princeton University students, faculty, and staff are welcome. Our computers are optimized for multimedia work, ranging from graphic design, video editing, audio production, and crunching data. We even have an acoustically treated recording space!

Not only is the DLL a laboratory for multimedia creation, it’s also a classroom where faculty prepare their students to complete innovative digital assignments. Our professional staff can also help you design digital assignments and teach your students the skills they need to complete them.


The Digital Learning Lab is staffed around the clock by experts who can answer questions, give feedback, and troubleshoot with you. In addition, the Digital Learning Lab hosts workshops where you can learn new skills.


Our facilities are built with teamwork in mind. The room features tons of whiteboard space, a networked storage drive, and a multi-screen projection system that can simultaneously display work from lab computers and personal devices.


DLL Specialists are undergraduate workers who develop instructional materials based on project-based work in a chosen multimedia specialty, then help their peers learn one-on-one and by leading workshops.

The DLL is on the first floor (lobby level) of the Peter B. Lewis Science Library, located at the corner of Washington Road and Ivy Lane in Princeton. Find us near the blue wall opposite the main library entrance.

Our Focus

Visual Media

Whether you’re a digital artist, a graphic designer, or a 3D modeler, we have tools you can use to bring your vision to live


Our lab is filled with machines with large screens and powerful graphics cards, making editing video a breeze.


The DLL has what you need for a variety of audio mediums. We have tools for editing recorded audio, producing, music, and even a recording space.

Programming & Data

You can use the DLL to work programming projects, crunch numbers, and visualize data. Our computers are loaded with IDEs and support for popular programming languages.

News & Projects

Introducing Princeton MakeNet

The Digital Learning Lab is a member of MakeNet, a collective of creative technology spaces across the campus that work together to better support Princeton’s maker community. MakeNet manages an…

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Free & Low Cost Software Alternatives

Working without access to the DLL’s physical space and computing resources can pose some challenges. One of those challenges is finding software to complete digital media projects in situations where …

Optimized for Teaching with Technology


Five triangular table clusters organize the room for active pedagogy, group projects, and peer-to-peer instruction while prioritizing traffic flow and accessibility in the space. Two wall-length whiteboards and movable whiteboard walls offer a canvas for epic brainstorming sessions.

Wireless Screen Sharing

A 10-foot by 30-foot 4K screen provides ample room for students and faculty to share their smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop screen wirelessly with the video wall. A collaborative space this size, unique on Princeton’s campus, opens up an inspiring range of possibilities for teaching and learning with technology.

Immersive Sound

At the DLL, students record and edit multitrack recordings that dramatically combine narration, sound effects and music. With five HD speakers and Princeton’s cutting-edge audio-processing software, the DLL is a laboratory for immersive audio editing.