Fall 2018 Multimedia Workshops

Fall 2018 Poster design by Student Design Agency.

“The Digital Learning Lab was the perfect site to edit my video. All the necessary components and programs are there – super fast computers, calibrated screens, sound booths, a nice, easy to use projector, and a very knowledgeable staff. It is the most productive video editing space I could ask for. Thanks for this resource.”

“The DLL is where I and most other editors of student-run publications on campus do our work.  Having Adobe InDesign on every computer, large monitors for laying out my magazine, and plenty of storage available for files, has been a huge help in getting the AFP magazine up and running.”

“The Digital Learning Lab has been an extremely valuable resource for building SignSchool, an online learning platform for American Sign Language. We were able to use the lab’s state-of-the-art video editing equipment to make our videos look and sound very professional. The staff was also super supportive, helping us setup the equipment and always happily answering our questions.”

Jack Hudson '16, SignSchool.com

“The DLL had been my go-to since sophomore year. If I wanted to work on a project, explore multimedia interests (that were way too expensive to do on my own!), or be in the company of creative and curious peers, I knew the DLL was my one stop shop. I learned so much from just hanging out there. It’s a truly unique spot on campus.”

News & Projects

A New DLL: Coming Soon

Optimized for teaching with technology.



Five triangular table clusters will organize the room for active pedagogy, group projects, and peer-to-peer instruction, while improving traffic flow and accessibility in the space. Two wall-length whiteboards and movable whiteboard walls offer a canvas for epic brainstorming sessions.

Wireless Screen Sharing

A 10-foot by 30-foot 4K screen will provide ample room for students and faculty to share their smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop screen wirelessly with the video wall. A collaborative space this size, unique on Princeton’s campus, will up an inspiring range of possibilities for teaching and learning with technology.

Immersive Sound

At the DLL, students record and edit multitrack recordings that dramatically combine narration, sound effects and music. Adding five HD speakers and Princeton’s cutting-edge audio-processing software, the DLL wil be a laboratory for immersive audio editing.