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About the Digital Learning Lab

What is the DLL?

A Workshop to Create In

The Digital Learning Lab features 15 powerful Mac computers loaded with a wide variety of digital media software, including the entire Adobe Creative Cloud suite, 3D design programs, audio software like Audacity and Logic, and tools for coding.

In addition, our space houses a recording room that you can use to get crisp, low-noise voice recordings for podcasts, live streams, or digital assignments.

A Place to Learn

If you’re experimenting with a new digital medium, picking up a new software tool, or just trying to learn a new digital media technique, the DLL is here to help.

We have professional staff and a team of skilled student specialists available to answer questions, help troubleshoot, and do quick demonstrations during all of our business hours.

A Classroom to Teach In

Our lab space is available for faculty, staff, and graduate students who need occasional access to a technology-focused teaching space.

Optimized for Teaching with Technology


Five triangular table clusters organize the room for active pedagogy, group projects, and peer-to-peer instruction, while prioritizing traffic flow and accessibility in the space. Two wall-length whiteboards and movable whiteboard walls offer a canvas for epic brainstorming sessions.

Wireless Screen Sharing

A 10-foot by 30-foot 4K screen provides ample room for students and faculty to share their smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop screen wirelessly with the video wall. A collaborative space this size, unique on Princeton’s campus, opens up an inspiring range of possibilities for teaching and learning with technology.

Immersive Sound

At the DLL, students record and edit multitrack recordings that dramatically combine narration, sound effects and music. With five HD speakers and Princeton’s cutting-edge audio-processing software, the DLL is a laboratory for immersive audio editing.